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"The school has enriched my spiritual life and made me a better person. I have come to better understand the love of Christ Jesus for me. My Bible study has improved and my desire to walk in holiness has increased. I am translating this love to my family around me."

- Ama

"These courses helped me to know how great is the power that is in me and that I can do more things in His power than in my own strength and trust in the Holy Spirit as my teacher, feeling comfortable and not being afraid if I fail in some things."

- Hariata

"It's helped me get over a lot of misconceptions about spiritual warfare. I've been called to spiritual warfare and have been running from it but now I am no longer intimidated and am confident that I will be a force now that I know what to do. Thank you so much! I'm no longer afraid!"

- Theresa

"The school really helped me to understand the calling God has in my life. How I can use my gifts and talents and spread the love of God to all I come across wherever I'm at in life. It has given me a lot of insight, reflection, and clarity in areas that seemed confusing regarding my calling before. Praise the Lord!"

- Ashley

"It's helped me see myself through God's eyes and not through my tainted lenses or even the lenses of what others think of me. It has taught me that I can love myself because He loves me unconditionally, I don't have to do anything to earn His love."

- Donna

"My journey in growing as a Child of God in covenant with Him has come one step further and my faith and hope are higher than ever! This school has been so inspiring. Jesus in me can do all things!"

- Pauline

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