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Healing Within

For nine years, Amy Freudiger struggled with her health and self-hatred until one day she had enough and cried out to God for answers. God gave her revelation about healing and identity. One night soon after, as Amy slept, she woke up healed. Since then, she has been on a mission to set others free.

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Newest Course

Redeeming Your Bloodline

Jesus has released everything that you need. He has already blessed you in every area of your life. The question is, are you seeing it? Hrvoje Sirovina believes the key lies in redeeming your bloodline. He describes the importance of being sanctified, understanding covenants, stewarding well, and walking in true authority over the enemy.

This free mini-course includes:

  • Seeing in the spirit is a gift from God
  • Getting God's perspective
  • The language of the spirit
  • A vision and method for seeing in the spirit
  • Blake's 3-step process for seeing in the spirit
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