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Featured Course

Everyone has experienced trauma and the enemy will use that trauma to influence our perception of God and ourselves. Dr. Mike Hutchings, the founder of the God Heals PTSD Foundation, has equipped, trained, imparted, and deployed thousands to go out and become an army of heart-healers and chain-breakers.

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Set friends and family free from the New Age! Alan's Strudwick was trained from a young age under a Hindu guru. With this course, you will be able to expose deceptions in a way that's full of love using the knowledge of someone who's been in both camps—first in the enemy's camp as a high-ranking New Age leader and now in God's camp as a minister of the Gospel.

This free mini-course includes:

  • Seeing in the spirit is a gift from God
  • Getting God's perspective
  • The language of the spirit
  • A vision and method for seeing in the spirit
  • Blake's 3-step process for seeing in the spirit
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