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Spiritual Discernment Bundle

The Spiritual Discernment Bundle combines three transformative courses into one empowering journey designed to deepen your connection with God, enhance your spiritual awareness, and deliver you from demonic influence.

Hearing God 24/7: Mark Virkler reveals the four keys to hearing God's voice clearly and confidently. You will learn how to quiet your mind, eliminate distractions, and prepare your heart to receive guidance from your Heavenly Father.

Seeing in the Spirit:
Explore the unseen world with Blake Healy, by learning his 3-step process for seeing into the spirit realm. Blake’s practical guidance demystifies spiritual vision, inviting you to perceive the heavenly realm and see from God’s perspective

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare: Break free from spiritual bondage and step into lasting freedom with instruction from Dr. Kynan Bridges. Learn how to identify and combat demonic influence, using your authority in Christ to experience freedom from anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, generational curses, and much more!

Priced at a fraction of its value, this bundle is an investment in your spiritual growth.

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Good Soil Bundle

Good Soil Bundle image

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus teaches us a profound lesson: seeds sown on fertile ground not only hear the Word but embrace it, flourishing into a bountiful harvest. We're passionate about helping you find your place on good soil, where your spiritual life can thrive and fulfill the divine purpose God has destined for you.

That’s why we’ve assembled the Good Soil Bundle—a carefully curated collection of courses designed to enrich your spiritual foundation:

  • Hearing God 24/7: An enlightening course that guides you to recognize and respond to God's voice in every moment.
  • How to Study God’s Word: A comprehensive approach to understanding the Scriptures, ensuring you draw the deepest insights from your biblical studies.
  • Living Loved: A journey into the heart of God’s affection for you, teaching you to live every day enveloped in His unconditional love.

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Grow and Go Bundle

Grow and Go Bundle image

Ready for a deeper spiritual journey? Step into the next level with the Grow and Go Bundle, designed to unleash the full power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

This collection is your pathway to divine empowerment, featuring three key courses:

  • Activating the Holy Spirit in Your Life: Learn how to activate and partner with the greatest power on earth, the Holy Spirit.
  • How to Interpret Dreams and Visions: Unlock the meanings behind your dreams and visions, discerning God’s direction for your life even while you sleep.
  • 10 Levels of Glory: Learn how to cultivate a lifestyle of real encounters with God’s glory.

These are more than just courses. They're your passport to transformative journey that will propel you to live an extraordinary life in an ordinary world!  

This bundle is 50% off—a $300 value for just $149.