Experiencing the Biblical Feasts

Recover the Lost Riches of God’s Appointed Times

In this course, Experiencing the Biblical Feasts, by Dr. Robert Heidler, you will discover how to experience the fullness of the Lord's feasts for provision and deliverance.

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Watch Dr. Heidler share how the Biblical Feasts are not just for Jews.

The relevance of the Biblical Feasts has been lost in our modern times.

When many people think of Biblical Feasts, they imagine a bunch of religious rules and regulations.

But the purpose of the Feasts is not to burden us but to bless us!

Think about this...

If God planned an event, would He go to it?

What if you discovered that God had a calendar filled with times to meet with you?

From the beginning, God established weekly, monthly, and yearly feasts for us to meet with Him and experience His blessings.

In Experiencing the Biblical Feasts, Dr. Robert Heidler will show you...

  • Why the feasts are not meant to be legalistic burdens but times to celebrate the goodness of God.
  • How God uses appointed times to stop the destructive cycles of the enemy and bring you into the place of His blessing.
  • How the feasts are aligned with the most significant events in history

In today's world, the enemy wants to control our lives through fear, anxiety, and unrest. These are destructive cycles.

The Lord wants you to have an abundant life, to experience the joy of His presence, and to experience the fullness of His pre-determined cycles of blessing.

Learn how to align yourself with God’s calendar and recover His plan for rest and refreshing in your life.

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This course will show you...

  • How to experience the Biblical Feasts in the context of our New Covenant with Jesus
  • Why the Biblical Feasts are still relevant today
  • How the Feasts are aligned with the most significant events in history
  • And much more!

God Wants You on His Calendar

God has invited you to celebrate with Him!

The Biblical Feasts are for all believers.

Jesus and the apostles kept the Feasts.

The early church celebrated the Feasts.

Zechariah promises blessings for the Gentiles who keep them.

God arranged key events to take place during the Feasts:

  • Jesus was crucified at Passover
  • He was raised on the Feast of Firstfruits
  • The Holy Spirit was poured out on Pentecost

One of the most important things a Christian can do is align themselves with God’s timing.

The Biblical Feasts are times to fellowship with Him and receive His blessings.

Get ready to celebrate!

Enroll now for just $99

Meet Dr. Robert Heidler

Robert Heidler, Th. M., is the senior pastor of the Glory of Zion Outreach Center in Denton, Texas. A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Heidler has ministered extensively in Russia and Eastern Europe. Dr. Heidler wants you to discover the forgotten blessings of God’s appointed times of provision and deliverance. God's feasts point to Jesus, and they are for everybody!

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