The Father loves you with ALL of His heart. And you must know that the devil hates you will ALL of his heart.

John 10:10 says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

You see, the enemy knows that he has no access to a heart that is born-again. He can’t just come to your house and steal salvation from you. He can’t get through the blood of Jesus. You are redeemed and have turned from darkness to light. Your life now belongs to God.

However, though he knows you love the Lord and desire to serve Him, he is after any fruit that can possibly come out of your life with God. He knows that he lost your soul to God…so now, he literally works night and day to do whatever he can to make sure that there is no fruit coming out of your life. Here’s how the enemy tries to operate:

The enemy will say, “I will steal their fruit of love…I will keep them angry, frustrated and offended at each other. “

The enemy will say, “I will destroy their fruit of knowing and experiencing the daily blessing of the Father’s love…I will keep them continually misunderstanding God and feeling rejected by Him.”

The enemy will say, “I will destroy their fruit of peace…I will keep them distracted and stressed out.”

The enemy will say, “I will steal their fruit of giving and blessing…I will keep messing with their finances. Making them feel panicky all the time that they will never have enough.”

The enemy will say, “I will destroy their fruit of doing the will of God…I will keep them spinning in circles with sin, sickness and sadness so they will not feel worthy or even able to accomplish ANYTHING that God has called them to do.”

The enemy will say, “I will keep tempting (remember that’s the best he can do, only tempt you and not make you) them to sin…so they live defeated and far from Father’s love.”

The enemy will say, “I will steal their joy so that they will never know the strength that is found in living life with a joyful and glad heart.”

The enemy will say, “I will steal their time and I will keep them busy at work and busy with an overload of ministry and busy with life so they will go to bed frustrated and wake up tired.”

The enemy will say, “I will destroy marriages and families to keep them from fulfilling their destinies together.”

The enemy will say, “I will steal their prayer lives and fill their lives with worry, unbelief and shame.”

The enemy will say, “I will steal their fruit of confidence so they never know who they are in Christ.”

But I have good news! The devil cannot and will not take our fruit if we refuse to let him have it! You see, the fruit that you bear now here on earth, will be the reward that your receive in Heaven!

And if we keep our hearts centered daily on Him…fixing our gaze continually on His love, we can fulfill ALL that He has called us to do and live a life that bears much fruit for the Kingdom!

Ryan Bruss, Director

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