One person sees a blank canvas while another person sees a masterpiece. One person sees a blank sheet of paper while another sees a novel. One person sees a pile of clay while another sees a sculpture. One person sees an instrument while another sees an orchestra. One person sees a hot, sticky summer while another sees the Creator. One person sees a piece of wood while another sees a beautiful house. One person sees a mountain while another sees a hike. One person sees bumper to bumper traffic while another sees time well spent. One person sees wool while another sees a clothing line. One person sees a problem while another sees an invention that will change the world.

One person sees an outdated, irrelevant book while another sees the living and powerful Word of God. One person sees just another day while another sees a brand new day for an adventure. One person sees a stack of bills while another sees the Provider. One person sees hurts and wounds while another person sees the Healer of the broken-hearted. One person sees shame while another sees the Forgiver. One person sees hate while another person sees love. One person sees a lost and dying world while another sees the Savior. One person sees dark clouds over their future while another sees a bright and shining path before them. One person sees someone and judges while another person will see beauty, hope and love in that same person.

And finally, when satan saw a sinner, God saw a son and daughter.

Beloved, life is about joyful perspective…we have to see things the way God sees them otherwise we miss out on so much in this life. When we get God’s perspective the entire world around us changes. Pray for eyes to see and ears to hear today and every day and you just watch what unfolds before you.

You are loved!

Ryan Bruss, Director

Also, be sure to catch this week's episode of It's Supernatural! Becky Dvorak says there is a demon spirit of death behind all kinds of mayhem and premature death. She ALSO teaches you to be more than a conqueror AND WIN.

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