On a very personal note:

32years ago today, my Dad went to be with Jesus. I was 12 years old when he died of cancer. He was sick for 5 years before he even died. Friends, life on earth is not easy.

The reason that I share so much about the Father heart of God is because of what He has done in my heart through the years because of my own personal loss.

I spoke to someone at dinner last night that my heart literally aches sometimes–not because of loss–but because of love! At times, I can literally feel the heavy, tangible weight of His love on my heart and it is beyond any other feeling in the world.

Yes, I miss my Dad. I will see him again one day. But the “sting” of his death that once overwhelmed my heart, has been replaced by THE Father’s love. Memories of the loss are there…but the sting is gone. And no matter what you have been through, the historical memory will never change…it happened. Good or bad…it happened. But what CAN change is the pain, regret, grief, the sting, shame, guilt and condemnation of the past!

Psalm 103 makes it abundantly clear that God FORGIVES AND HEALS “EVERYTHING” I feel His presence even as I write this!

Are there areas in your life that you still feel that “sting”? Maybe trauma, grief or shame. Give it to Jesus. He is able to pull out that stinging feeling that is in your heart and by His blood and love totally heal ANY part of your past.

You are loved!

Ryan Bruss, Director

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