Song of Songs 2:8-9, “The voice of my Beloved! Behold, He comes leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills¦ Behold, He stands behind our wall; He is looking through the windows, gazing through the lattice.”

These Scriptures are a symbolic interpretation of Jesus, the One who has conquered all that stands in the way in life and love. My prayer is that you will listen for, “the voice of [your] Beloved” in this short teaching.

The mountains in this Scripture represent the major natural or demonic obstacles or strongholds that we come up against in life. It could be a major attack of some kind against our lives, our calling, our family, our future, etc.

The hills represent personal issues that we deal with in our lives. They are not as intense as the mountains that we face, but are an obstacle or hindrance in the way of ongoing communion with Jesus. It’s the “drama of the Kingdom” both in our lives and what we may face around us.

Either way, Jesus is seen leaping and skipping over these mountains and hills to show us that He has conquered every obstacle, every hindrance both major and minor that we face in the journey to know His heart.

Nothing is too hard for Him. We must lean into Him to feel that same exhilaration (from the leaping and skipping) that He feels regarding those things that He has already conquered on our behalf. What love!

Revelation 3:20 was written to the church and says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.”

Now, in verse 8 Jesus is pictured leaping and skipping, but in verse 9, He is pictured standing and in Revelation 3:20, again, standing.

Though Jesus has conquered all, He will not force Himself into a person’s heart. He will stand at the door of your heart (or your wall) and knock and knock and knock but He has to be invited in.

Imagine this…King Jesus is standing at the door of our hearts and speaking to us through the door. Do you hear my voice? Do you realize it’s Me at the door? Are you too busy in the house for Me? I love you son. I love you daughter. Will you let me in? Friends, He is desperate to come in and spend time with you

Jesus is looking for good hosts. Those who will invite Him in and spend time with Him and make Him feel welcomed.

The wall in verse 9 is like the door in Revelation 3:20. And again, like the door, we are the ones behind the wall. Jesus is unhindered in His desire and pursuit of us. We are the ones that are hindered by keeping Him “behind our walls”. He just has to be let it in the door or through the wall.

This wall, represents our self-protection and security with which we tend to shut out the world with its problems and the needs of others. It’s a wall that keeps us from taking risks with going deeper in God. It represents the hindrances between us and Jesus.

We have put up walls in our lives because of what we have been through in the past. And what we don’t realize is that those same walls have also kept out Jesus. I know that may be difficult to hear, but it’s true.

Because of our pasts we have put up walls that hinder intimacy. Such as, how we were raised, things that have happened to us, disappointments, marriage struggles, financial burdens, etc.

Many Believers have put up walls that God is not good, He is not with me, He didn’t help me when I needed Him most, He let so and so die, He doesn’t really love me and the list goes on.

But we also see in verse 9 that Jesus is looking through the windows and gazing through the lattice. I love the thought of that. Though we have these walls up, He still pursues us and is looking through the window into our hearts (He sees what’s going on in your house…your heart) but He is also gazing through the lattice. He has such furious longing and love to come in our hearts in a deeper way.

He is gazing at us with love and joy. He gazes at us and we don’t even realize it! We go about our busy lives and busy schedules and He is gazing at you. He loves you so much. You are His son/daughter.

I know that as you read this you are hearing the, “Knock, knock” of Jesus. Will you let Him in? Are you willing to let Him in to challenge your current comfort zone of intimacy? He wants to break through your walls and be invited in the door of your heart. He is patiently waiting. He is there right now. Ask Him to tear down any walls of hindrance.

Do you hear a knock at your door?

Ryan Bruss, Director

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