“He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me was love.” Song of Songs 2:4

Friends, you are abundantly loved by God. You need to hear that today!

The banqueting house in this verse speaks of the invitation to experience the celebration of the good things that God has provided for each one of us. And you are invited to the celebration…right now!

Now, His banner over you is love…deep, beautiful, tangible love. What a wonderful thought! The banner over your life is not, neglect, failure, hopelessness, shame, rejection, etc. Remember, you are not defined by your weaknesses but by the banner of love over your life.

This banner of love is your identity. We are supposed to be LIVING LOVED!

When we embrace the love of Jesus, it overrules every negative emotion in our past, present and future.

When we stumble, His banner over us is love. When we have a bad day, His banner over us is love. When people misunderstand or mistreat us, His banner over us is love. When our finances are not doing well, His banner over us His love. When we are sick, His banner over us is love. When our marriage is at a low point, His banner over us is love. When we can’t seem to feel or hear the Lord, His banner over us is love. When your circumstances in life seem out of control, His banner over you is love. So no matter what you are facing in your life, the banner over you is His love. Embrace it. Rest in it. Believe it. Walk in it. And live out of His love.

From now on, when any negative emotion or lie from the enemy tries to attack you, you tell those things, OVERRULED by Father’s love! When the enemy brings up your past, say, OVERULED by His love. When people mistreat you, stand firm and say, OVERRULED by Father’s loving embrace. His love overrules the pain, shame, regret and even the bad memories of the past. Just receive His love now.

Today and every day, live loved.

Ryan Bruss, Director

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