I meet people daily that are living life out of a wounded heart. I have real compassion for these people because I was once a person with a wounded heart. What makes me sad though, is that I don’t think people realize or have been truthful with themselves about what is going on within their heart of hearts.

Instead of turning to the Healer of the wounded heart, people go on living and don’t realize they are dying on the inside. And unfortunately many blame spouses, brothers and sisters in the church, or blame the church itself for not meeting their needs, they blame their job, their past and present circumstances and even blame God.

So many people are unhappy, discouraged and disappointed right now with their lives and their walk with God. I get that. I understand that. So does Father.

Here’s the answer…Jesus.

He is more than enough peace, love, joy or anything else you need. You must give your hurts and wounds to Jesus and exchange them for His presence, His power, His strength and His love. We cannot fix ourselves. Only Jesus can make ALL things new.

When you spend time resting in His presence (Song of Songs 2) and simply enjoying His love and at the same time giving Him your pain, disappointments, heartache, grief, sorrow and so forth, He will lift those burdens from your life.

If you do this, you will feel so free and alive on the inside! I promise. Make the “Divine Exchange” today. Your heart for His. Let Him flood you with His presence. Take a deep breath and let go and let God.

Friends, He will not force Himself on you. It’s a choice (sometimes not an easy one) we have to make. But it’s a choice that changes us from the inside out and forever.

You are loved!

Ryan Bruss, Director

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